Saturday 9 July 2011


Photo of BBC Broadcast Centre: Graham Tait
So I didn't plan it like this. Three months ago I was set to leave both Audio & Music interactive and as a result, the BBC. I felt the need to move on from that role for several reasons which I won't detail here, and at that stage it felt like leaving the BBC would be the best option. But then I wasn't aware then of the massive opportunity that was just round the corner. The chance to lead the evolution of one of the BBC's ten digital products, and to immerse myself fully in the bit of my old role that I felt most passionate about (discovering and making great audience facing sites/services/products), was one I couldn't ignore.

So after a lengthy recruitment process I'm very happy to say that my new role is as Executive Product Manager for Radio and Music, in BBC Future Media, Programmes On Demand, or FM POD for short. Bit of a mouthful I know. I'm joining an existing team with many very talented people and an inspiring leadership team already working on the new product, but after just one week I'm quietly confident that I'm going to really enjoy this next phase.

BBC Broadcast Centre photo: R/DV/RS

I could be accused of post-rationalisation here, but in many ways I feel that I've been a product manager for ages in the sense that I have spent the last ten years creating products for national radio stations and the BBC's music output, but we didn't have that job title back then. Now that it's a recognized and highly valued role within Future Media and right across the industry it feels that I'm now in the right place.

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