Saturday 13 February 2010

Music listening, Feb 2010

Some excellent new music around right now, from Midlake's deep and wonderful second album to Laura Veirs lovely "July Flame" to young trumpet player Matthew Halsall's first full length album. I saw Matthew Halsall play live at the Vortex in Dalston and it was the most fun I've had at a jazz gig for ages, whilst Midlake at Wilton's Music Hall was truly memorable in the most unusual venue I can remember.

  1. Midlake - "Acts of Man"
  2. Laura Veirs - "July Flame"
  3. Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"
  4. The Unthanks - "Here's the tender coming"
  5. Volcano Choir - "Island,IS"
  6. The Dry Spells - "Too Soon For Flowers"
  7. Laura Gibson - "Spirited"
  8. Fever Ray - "When I Grow Up"
  9. Matthew Halsall - "Colour Yes"


1 comment:

  1. Agree,Midlake's is a haunting and measured album, while the often overlooked Veirs is still hitting the sweet spot between soothing melody and inventive twists. Fever Ray is back within the Knife for an opera album,heard one track and its quite different to their usual electronics.