Saturday 6 December 2008

TV of 2008

Lots of good things this year. Here's what mostly got me setting the PVR:

1. Entourage
Probably the funniest US import on TV, with proper characters, proper stories and proper laughs. Ari Gold is a genius invention.

2. Mad Men
Excellent period ('60's) drama with nice dark elements. Try and keep up with their drinking!

3. Little Dorrit
The BBC doing what the BBC does well.

4. Spooks
The most recent 7th series has been a real step up. They pack a huge amount into 60 minutes. Characters you love get killed. Inconceivable that this kind of drama would have been made 10 years ago. Topical, tense and of course completely unrealistic.

5. Heroes
Can anyone actually follow the story lines in series 3? Still good, but needs to be a little more, err, understandable.

6. Later with Jools
Let's not forget that 2008 saw the new live 30 minute format. It works a treat and leaves you wanting more, which is not always true of the full 60 minute version.

7. Never Mind The Buzzcocks
OMG. The funniest thing on TV made in the UK. Simon Amstell, I salute you: you have given me more TV laughs in 08 than anything else.

What have I missed?

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