Sunday 6 July 2008

iPlayer 2.0 - what it means for listeners and producers

So here's a quick summary of what iPlayer 2.0 means for listeners:
  • TV and Radio together: choose a tv show if you want video instead of audio only
  • more ways into our programmes - via /iplayer, and for exampole /radio2
  • better sound quality (128k)
  • full FF an RW navigation within a programme (no more "skip 15 mins")
  • smaller, simpler pop-up console makes it easier to use
  • play in page, or in a pop-out console
  • navigation in the page, not in the pop-up console
  • UK users have no need for a separate audio download (Real)
  • recommendations based on the programmes you like
  • "resume" functionality means you can pick where you left off
  • iPlayer remembers the last 10 programmes you've listened to
  • search by radio station, genre, schedule or "most popular"
  • extra written programme information on the play out page exposes programme content
  • attractive promotion area for all of Radio, and individual radio stations
  • social bookmarking
  • a more visual offer: nice big image for every programme
  • Guidance and PIN protection (coming soon...)
And what it means for producers of radio programmes:
  • need to write better, more detailed programme specific descriptions
  • need to provide a good quality image per programme
  • we need a new solution for "off schedule" content
  • "programme within a programme" issues
  • Guidance flag
  • Revocation

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